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  • Safety Warnings

    On the Uselessness of the MSDS

    With all the recent discussions around here about safety, I think that there’s one thing that all of us working chemists can agree on: MSDSs are often the next thing to useless. They’re not supposed to be, at least in theory. The idea is that a materials safety data sheet collects all the relevant toxicity… Read More
  • Safety Warnings

    Blowups Happen

    There’s an article up at Slate on the UCLA lab accident death. It finishes up by saying: If Sheri Sangji’s death is to mean anything, it must be that no lab chief—and certainly no federal agency—claiming to further human welfare ever again tolerates the risk of harm to lab workers. That means that university administrators… Read More
  • Safety Warnings

    TMS Reagents: Handle With Care!

    Some emails and discussions with colleagues have raised an important point to be learned from the recent TMS-diazomethane tragedies. Many people are probably taking some of these reagents less seriously than they should. As organic chemists know, the trimethylsilyl group is a strange beast, and can often substitute for a proton in small reagents. T… Read More