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    Give The People What They Want

    I get emails every so often from people who are looking for more information about treatments for cancer or other diseases. More often than not, they’ve come across some Keven Trudeau-like “now the truth can be told” stuff and want to know what I think about it. I should note that almost all of these… Read More
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    Deception Begins at Home

    I recently had an opportunity to look into some self-described autism treatments on behalf of a friend. There are huge numbers of desperate and hopeful parents out there, and there are some desperate and hopeful people selling things to them, too. The stuff I looked at was not, as far as I could tell, a… Read More
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    Run, Do Not Walk, To The Nearest Exit

    This Volokh post (via Instapundit) about a former gang member who’s been “nominated for a Nobel Prize” prompted me to leave a comment there, which I’ll expand over here. It would seem that many people don’t realize where Nobel Prizes come from. The Peace and Literature prizes have a comparatively open nomination proces… Read More
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    Matthias Rath, Pioneer

    It’s been a little while since we checked in on Dr. Matthias Rath, vitamin entrepreneur and scourge of my chosen field of work. But there have been some wonderful developments that I’d like to share with everyone. A note from a reader brought him to mind: “Your education may not be serving you in a… Read More
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    One of the things that came up in regard to that last post was the idea about blood being acidic or alkaline. I don’t think that most people outside the medical sciences realize how much effort the human body expends on these matters. Those of us who keep up with these topics could do some… Read More
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    Kevin Trudeau’s Snake Oil Empire

    The time has come to take up the case of Kevin Trudeau. His pernicious book has hit the top of the New York Times best-seller list, a fact that the paper itself seems to find surprising. This 570-page doorstop is an ax job on my industry and my field of research, and accuses my peers… Read More
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    Dr. Rath Does What He Can

    There’s a doctor named Matthias Rath who for some years has been taking out big ads in the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune. Rath is a big proponent of megavitamin therapy for just about everything, and by some cosmic coincidence he also has a line of vitamins for sale. No doubt he… Read More
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    Am I Blue?

    Most of you have probably seen this link by now, but for those who haven’t, here’s Montana’s blue Senate candidate. The picture would seem to do a reasonable job of rendering his color, but I suspect that he’s more gray than blue. Still, no doubt the effect is quite striking in person. Colloidal silver (very… Read More
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    Stupidity, But Not the Dangerous Kind

    After going off on the Weekly Standardon the 11th about the ridiculous miracle-cancer-cure ad they accepted, I see that there’s one nearly as stupid in the latest National Review.Fortunately, it’s not a particularly dangerous one. It’s for a book that touts a zillion uses for hydrogen peroxide, that wonder chemical that apparently… Read More
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    The Company You Keep

    Here’s more info on the “Dr. Burton” mentioned in the egregious Weekly Standard advertisement (see the Tuesday, 6/11 post below.) This is courtesy of the invaluable Quackwatch. This is surely the same person. As far as Burton’s methods go, what the book that the advertisement is selling is supposed to do for you, other than… Read More