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    And All For a Little Money

    Today I wanted to cover a particular intersection of medicine, commerce, and politics in the June 10th issue of The Weekly Standard.I’ve read the magazine on and off since its inception, and enjoyed it. I often agree with its editorial stance, and when I don’t, I can usually see what the writers are up to… Read More
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    And Another Thing

    That Fitzgerald reference is, of course, the quote about the sign of a first-rate mind being the ability to hold two contradictory statements at the same time. Like several of his other quotes, that one has the germ of spectacular error in it – similar to his line about there being no second acts in… Read More
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    F. Scott Fitzgerald Had Something to Say About This

    Not much time to post tonight, since our 22-month-old came down with a sudden fever. She’s fine otherwise, though, in case anyone’s wondering. I’m sure that, as a blog-baby, she’d play well with “Gnat” Lileks. I’ve already had several e-mails about my snake-oil outburst in the previous post. No one’s… Read More
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    Get Your Miracle Elixir

    For Monday, I’m just going to send everyone to a wonderful article from the Washington Monthly. (I came across this one over at Arts and Letters Daily.) It’s a strongly worded look at the alternative/holistic medicine area, with particular emphasis on the recent attempts to subject these treatments to clinical proof. Many of the practic… Read More