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  • Help Yourself to Some Hydrogen

    I get sent links to some pretty egregious snake oil pitches, and the constant flow of them is always a source of (rueful) amazement. You can be amazed at how ma… Read More
  • Sounding Like Deepak Chopra

    This paper has gotten a good amount of attention lately, as one might expect. It’s a social-science study, designed to try to understand the traits of peo… Read More
  • A Brain Apparently Made of Grain

    I truly enjoyed this look at Dr. Robert David Perlmutter of “Grain Brain” fame, another branch of the same intellectual family tree as Drs. Mercola… Read More
  • Dr. Oz Under Fire

    You’ll have heard that a group of physicians has written a public letter to Columbia University asking why Dr. Oz is still on the faculty there. Here̵… Read More
  • Dealing With Cranks

    Here’s a good article at Vox about what to do with idiots like the Food Babe and Dr. Oz. (OK, perhaps he just plays an idiot on TV, but by this point you… Read More
  • Alkaline Lemons. Not a Misprint.

    Here, folks, is someone to explain to you that “lemon water is very alkaline” (a direct quote), and that cayenne pepper has been “proven to bo… Read More
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