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    Dr. Oz Under Fire

    You’ll have heard that a group of physicians has written a public letter to Columbia University asking why Dr. Oz is still on the faculty there. Here’s the text, and it includes some heartwarming stuff: . . .We are surprised and dismayed that Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons would permit Dr. Mehmet Oz… Read More
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    Dealing With Cranks

    Here’s a good article at Vox about what to do with idiots like the Food Babe and Dr. Oz. (OK, perhaps he just plays an idiot on TV, but by this point you have to wonder). Like any scientist with any sort of public platform, I’ve wondered about this, too. Bash them over the head… Read More
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    Alkaline Lemons. Not a Misprint.

    Here, folks, is someone to explain to you that “lemon water is very alkaline” (a direct quote), and that cayenne pepper has been “proven to boost your metabolism”, and that “an acidic body promotes disease” and. . .oh the hell with it, I can’t keep reading that crap. It’s the Food Babe, of course, pro… Read More
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    More Herbal Goodness

    As many will have heard, the New York State Attorney General’s office is going after a number of herbal supplement retailers for selling products with poor quality controls. A range of supplements (including echinacea, garlic, gingko, and saw palmetto) were purchased, and analyzed by the “DNA barcode” technique at Clarkson U. The… Read More
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    Rogue Biologics Production (And Bonus Ignorance)

    You don’t expect to find unlicensed biologic drug-packaging operations in an English warehouse, but that’s just what the government’s MHRA uncovered recently. There has been a boom in unlicensed sales of the the blood factor gcMAF, which is being touted as a cancer cure, HIV cure, pretty much good for what ails you. And these… Read More
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    Inside the Dr. Oz PR Machine

    I mentioned last fall that the Federal Trade Commission had gone after an egregiously faked-up “study” that was being used to sell green coffee bean extract as some sort of miracle weight-loss drug on the Dr. Oz show. The agency has now gone after “Dr.” Lindsey Duncan, the guest who was pushing the stuff. Update: Read More
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    Mountebanks, Con Men, and Heretics

    Here’s a good article on Scientific Crackpottery, from someone who got to experience it first-hand. The author distinguishes three classes that might be confused with each other. First are the mountebanks, who play to the general public, and who, he’s convinced, know deep inside that they’re fooling their audience, and enjoy it. H… Read More
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    Fun With Acronyms

    Something to send along to any autism conspiracy theory advocate you might know – especially if you’re not interested in ever speaking to them again. And you may well not be! Read More
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    Autism and Glyphosate:

    I’m getting a lot of emails about a ridiculous prediction by Stephanie Seneff that “half of all children will be autistic by 2025”. As far as I can tell, this is more of the same as what she was peddling in a 2013 article about glyphosate, and that one was really egregious. You see all… Read More
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    Nativis In the Clinic

    Time to revisit an old favorite around here. Remember Nativis Pharmaceuticals? I do, since they provided one of my most treasured “you can expect legal action” letters. When last mentioned here, they were working on the “Voyager”, a device (used in veterinary care at the time of that post) that would somehow play back some… Read More