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  • More Herbal Goodness

    As many will have heard, the New York State Attorney General’s office is going after a number of herbal supplement retailers for selling products with poo… Read More
  • Inside the Dr. Oz PR Machine

    I mentioned last fall that the Federal Trade Commission had gone after an egregiously faked-up “study” that was being used to sell green coffee bean… Read More
  • Mountebanks, Con Men, and Heretics

    Here’s a good article on Scientific Crackpottery, from someone who got to experience it first-hand. The author distinguishes three classes that might be c… Read More
  • Fun With Acronyms

    Something to send along to any autism conspiracy theory advocate you might know – especially if you’re not interested in ever speaking to them again… Read More
  • Autism and Glyphosate:

    I’m getting a lot of emails about a ridiculous prediction by Stephanie Seneff that “half of all children will be autistic by 2025”. As far as… Read More
  • Nativis In the Clinic

    Time to revisit an old favorite around here. Remember Nativis Pharmaceuticals? I do, since they provided one of my most treasured “you can expect legal ac… Read More
  • Chemical Myths

    Several folks on my Twitter feed have mentioned a new book coming out from Springer, 100 Chemical Myths. I haven’t seen a copy, but it’s supposed to… Read More
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