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  • All Natural And Chemical Free

    Yesterday’s link to the comprehensive list of chemical-free products led to some smiles, but also to some accusations of preaching to the choir, both on m… Read More
  • Whack-A-Mole

    I noticed some links to this post showing up on my Twitter feed over the weekend, and I wanted to be sure to mention it. There’s a recipe for “all-n… Read More
  • Sweet Reason Lands On Its Face

    This study has implications for many fields of science where its practitioners keep running into rumor and conspiracy theories. The authors tried several differ… Read More
  • Getcher Nucleic Acids, Cheap

    Via Nathaniel Comfort on Twitter, I note that the health-food people are still selling “DNA supplements”. I remember seeing these in a vitamin store… Read More
  • More Vaccine Fearmongering

    Seth Mnookin’s The Panic Virus is an excellent overview of the vaccine/autism arguments that raged for many years (and rage still in the heads of the igno… Read More
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