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    Chemical Myths

    Several folks on my Twitter feed have mentioned a new book coming out from Springer, 100 Chemical Myths. I haven’t seen a copy, but it’s supposed to “deals with popular yet largely untrue misconceptions and misunderstandings related to chemistry.” That gives plenty of room to work in, for sure. Looking over the table of cont… Read More
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    Detox and Cleanse Yourself Away From the Food Babe’s Advice

    I’m glad that this blog post exists. It’s a lengthy, detailed rebuttal to a sheet of advice that the “Food Babe” recommends for her followers. For example, you are apparently supposed to start off the day with some warm lemon juice in water with some cayenne pepper in it. Why would I do that to… Read More
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    Green Coffee Beans Will Mostly Slim Your Wallet

    Very few readers of this site are likely to have a good opinion of Dr. Oz (I certainly don’t). And very few readers will be surprised to hear that one of his highly-touted miracle weight loss regiments – green coffee bean extract (GCA) – has turned out to be a load of faked-up nonsense. Retraction… Read More
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    The Deadly Stupidities Around Ebola

    It’s not all that often that you can say “Now this is a person who’s going to get people killed”. But I’m willing to say that about Cyril Broderick of Delaware State. He’s Liberian-born, and has written an article for a newspaper in Monrovia telling Liberians that the Ebola virus is a manufactured bioweapon from… Read More
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    Luc Montagnier Makes His Case in Paris

    Well, if you’re in Paris next month and want to see some scientific (or perhaps not so scientific?) fireworks at a seminar, here’s the event to attend. UNESCO is holding a symposium on the work of Luc Montagnier on his “water memory” studies. I’ve mentioned this (and some of his other. . .unusual. . .claims) Read More
  • General Scientific News

    All Natural And Chemical Free

    Yesterday’s link to the comprehensive list of chemical-free products led to some smiles, but also to some accusations of preaching to the choir, both on my part and on the part of the paper’s authors. A manuscript mentioned in the blog section of Nature Chemistry is certainly going to be noticed mostly by chemists, naturally… Read More
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    Chemical-Free Products: The Complete List

    Here’s a comprehensive review of chemical-free consumer products, courtesy of Nature Chemistry. I’m flattered to have been listed as a potential referee for this manuscript, which truly does provide the most complete list possible of chemical-free cleaners, cosmetics, and every other class of commercially available product. Along simila… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    Stem Cells: The Center of “Right to Try”

    I wanted to point out an excellent editorial on the whole “Right to Try” issue at Nature. The authors note correctly that stem cells are the therapeutic area where these battles are being fought most often, since their regulatory status (particularly with any sort of autologous cell treatment) is sometimes unclear, the number of possibl… Read More
  • Chemical News


    I noticed some links to this post showing up on my Twitter feed over the weekend, and I wanted to be sure to mention it. There’s a recipe for “all-natural” herbicide that goes around Facebook, etc., where you mix salt, vinegar, and bit of soap, so Andrew Kniss sits down and does some basic toxicology… Read More
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    Sweet Reason Lands On Its Face

    This study has implications for many fields of science where its practitioners keep running into rumor and conspiracy theories. The authors tried several different means to increase the uptake of the MMR vaccine (information about the lack of connection with autism, information about the severity of the diseases being pervented, case histories of c… Read More