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  • On Conspiratorial Thinking

    I recently had a e-mail exchange with someone who wanted me to read one of the many books out there that claims that some particular food additive is poisoning… Read More
  • One Conspiracy After Another

    Here’s a cartoon by someone who’s been down the “Who are these people on the internet who think they know chemistry?” path. Many of you… Read More
  • Eight Toxic Foods: The Aftermath

    Well, as you can see from the graphic, my blast against the “Eight Toxic Foods” stuff picked up a lot of attention over the weekend, which I’m… Read More
  • Nativis Returns

    Well, since it’s Friday, I thought I’d quickly revisit one of the favorite companies I’ve written about here: Nativis. You’ll recall tha… Read More
  • The Name of a Cure

    Here’s an excellent article at Slate on “natural” medicines versus pharmaceuticals. You won’t see too many mainstream articles that sudd… Read More
  • Scamorama

    One more on quackery, and then back to science. You may have seen this story, which broke in Sports Illustrated, on a strange little outfit that called themselv… Read More
  • Dr. Oz’s Problem

    Red palm oil. Green coffee beans. Raspberry ketone. Some of you are wondering what the heck I’m making for dinner, but some of you will recognize the comm… Read More
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