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    Eight Toxic Foods: A Little Chemical Education

    Update: You’ll notice in this post that I refer to some sites that the original BuzzFeed article I’m complaining out sends people to, often pointing out that these didn’t actually support the wilder claims it’s making. Well, the folks at BuzzFeed have dealt with this by taking down the links (!) The article now says: Read More
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    Nativis Returns

    Well, since it’s Friday, I thought I’d quickly revisit one of the favorite companies I’ve written about here: Nativis. You’ll recall that this is the outfit that claimed “photonic signatures” of drugs were as effective as the physical molecules themselves. My comments (and those of the readership here) led to som… Read More
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    The Name of a Cure

    Here’s an excellent article at Slate on “natural” medicines versus pharmaceuticals. You won’t see too many mainstream articles that suddenly break out into chemical structures, but this one does, and to excellent effect. Read More
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    One more on quackery, and then back to science. You may have seen this story, which broke in Sports Illustrated, on a strange little outfit that called themselves Sports With Alternatives To Steroids, or S.W.A.T.S. They seem to have had a long list of professional and college athlete customers looking for some sort of (legal) Read More
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    Dr. Oz’s Problem

    Red palm oil. Green coffee beans. Raspberry ketone. Some of you are wondering what the heck I’m making for dinner, but some of you will recognize the common characteristic: all of these have been promoted by Dr. Mehmet Oz, the most famous physician in the country. I’m prompted to write about him by this New… Read More
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    Honking, Squawking Chemical Ignorance

    If you would like to see one of the most idiotic, cloth-headed attempted “explanations” of a chemical structure ever, take yourself to this wonder-rejuvenating-skin-treatment site. And learn what can be accomplished if you take the time, and the effort, to draw the structure of phenol the right way. I am not responsible if you hurt… Read More
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    Luc Montagnier Is Not Losing It. Luc Montagnier Has Lost It.

    I don’t see any alternative. My question from last year is answered, as I’d feared. Word comes of an autism conference featuring the likes of Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield, which should be all any well-informed person needs to hear. And Luc Monagnier is there, too. Not content with teleporting DNA molecules and defending homeopath… Read More
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    Nativis Update

    Longtime readers will remember the interaction I had with Nativis Pharmaceuticals. That’s the outfit that claims to be working with “drug signatures” instead of the drug molecules themselves. I found it interesting to see a company with all the outward trappings of a biotech startup that was spending its time (and its investors… Read More
  • Cancer

    Burzynski Revisited

    Here, courtesy of Science-Based Medicine, is a comprehensive look at the Burzynski cancer clinic‘s methods. If you have any interest at all in cancer quackery or semi-quackery, or especially if you know of anyone desperate enough to approach the Burzynski people themselves, here’s everything you need to know from a med-chem point of vie… Read More
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    The Burzynski Cancer Treatment

    There seems to have been a recent surge in interest in the Burzynski cancer therapy in the UK. A family publicly raised a good deal of money to have their daughter flown over to Texas for the treatment, and this seems to have raised the profile of the clinic quite a bit over there. But… Read More