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  • Neurocrine’s Choice

    It’s been an awful time to hold the stock of a small company called Neurocrine. They’ve been developing an insomnia therapy (Indiplon), and things s… Read More
  • Tied to the Mast

    Some readers will have already come across reports suggesting that some drugs for Parkinson’s disease can lead to odd behavioral problems, including compu… Read More
  • By a Nose in a Head to Head

    One of the other incorrect lessons that people might take away from the press accounts of the antipsychotic trial is that drug companies have been comparing the… Read More
  • No Clear Winners

    You’ve probably seen the headlines about the recent NIH-sponsored “CATIE” study comparing five anti-psychotic medications. The result, which i… Read More
  • The Painful History of Substance P

    I had a question from a reader about Substance P, a peptide that’s been known since the 1930s as something that was involved in pain and neurotransmission… Read More
  • More Brain Surprises

    All sorts of odd things have turned out to be neurotransmitters, that’s for sure. I wrote about this over a year ago, in a post about hydrogen sulfide, of… Read More
  • Rewiring the Brain?

    Just how do antidepressant drugs work? The answer you get (and the confidence with which it’s delivered) will vary according to the experience of the pers… Read More
  • Neurotoxins

    One reason that I have doubts about thimerosal as a cause of autism goes back to mechanism of action. Are there any specific compounds that are know to cause sp… Read More
  • More Faces in Even More Clouds

    Talking about the urge to quantify things – even the stubbornly unquantifiable – leads me back to what I spoke of earlier (“Faces in the Cloud… Read More
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