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  • Alkermes Hits a Wall in Depression

    In case you hadn’t seen it, CNS drug development recently did what it’s really good at doing: disappointing people late in the clinic. Alkermes had… Read More
  • Unpleasant Alzheimer’s News

    Here are a couple of new developments in Alzheimer’s and dementia – nothing encouraging, unfortunately. A new paper in JAMA Internal Medicine, from… Read More
  • Simulating the Brain. Sure Thing.

    My mention the other day of Japan’s Fifth Generation computer project prompted a reader to send along this link, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It concerns t… Read More
  • The Rising Placebo Effect

    The placebo effect has many interesting and annoying features, among them the way that it varies so much among different therapeutic areas. There is no placebo… Read More
  • Into the Numbers

    I want to recommend this analysis (at the Mind the Brain blog) of a new paper in PLOS Medicine. The paper is an analysis from a very large Swedish data set of p… Read More
  • Blasting Your Way In

    Getting drugs of any sort through the blood-brain barrier is never something that can be taken for granted, and if your therapeutic agents is well outside the u… Read More
  • Prions In the News (Unfortunately)

    Let’s talk about proteins for a few minutes – nasty, unfriendly proteins, of the sort that will ball up and crash out of solution the first chance t… Read More
  • Loosening Things Up in Japan

    Japan is going to try opening up its medical approval process for regenerative medicine (no doubt with an eye on its aging population). Regulatory changes that… Read More
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