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  • Finding Placebo Responders

    We all know about the placebo effect – in some therapeutic areas (depression being a classic case), it’s so strong that finding a drug that works be… Read More
  • Hallucinogenic Therapy

    Too bad Alex Shulgin didn’t live to see this article in the New Yorker. It’s on the reviving field of psychiatric treatment using psychedelic drugs. Read More
  • Expensive Placebos Work Better

    The placebo effect weirds everyone out. I think we can say that without much fear of contradiction. It seems like magic, the fact that just thinking that you… Read More
  • More Designer Drugs

    Here’s a good article on the illegal recreational drug trade – the boutique end of it, anyway. I’ve written about this sort of thing before, a… Read More
  • Alex Shulgin, 1925-2014

    Alex (Sasha) Shulgin has died at the age of 88. Among some groups of people, he was the most famous chemist in the world – I refer specifically to people… Read More
  • A Call For Better Mouse Studies

    Here’s an article by Steve Perrin, at the ALS Therapy Development Institute, and you can tell that he’s a pretty frustrated guy. With good reason. T… Read More
  • A Huntington’s Breakthrough?

    Huntington’s is a terrible disease. It’s the perfect example of how genomics can only take you so far. We’ve known since 1993 what the gene is… Read More
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