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  • The Dark Side

    File Under “Nerve, Lots Of”

    From an editorial in Science written by the president and the vice-president of the European Research Council: Imagine sitting over a pile of applications submitted to one of the most prestigious funding agencies. Suddenly, what you read appears familiar—not only the idea, but its terminology and the methods proposed. You recognize entire sentenc… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    Exposing Faked Scientific Papers

    Chemistry World has a good article on the problem of shaky data in journal article, and the intersecting problem of what to do about it in the chemistry blogging world. Paul Bracher’s ChemBark is, naturally, a big focus of the piece, since he’s been highlighting some particularly egregious examples in the last couple of months… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Now It’s Novartis’s Turn in China

    So reports FiercePharma, quoting a story in the 21st Century Business Herald and the Shanghai Daily. A former Novartis sales rep says that she was “ordered” to bribe doctors to meet sales quotas. As Tracy Staton at Fierce puts it: With Chinese authorities actively looking for any suggestion of corruption or bribery, we’re likely t… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Sanofi in China

    Now Sanofi is tangled up in trouble in China. The last few days have brought news of a wide-ranging investigation into payments to hospitals and medical workers, similar to what GlaxoSmithKline has been accused of. And I don’t have much reason to doubt either story, because (as this BBC story details) payments of this sort… Read More
  • Drug Development

    An Interview With A GSK Shanghai Scientist

    Here’s an interview with Liu Xeubin, formerly of GlaxoSmithKline in China. That prospect should perk up the ears of anyone who’s been following the company’s various problems and scandals in that country. Liu Xuebin recalls working 12-hour shifts and most weekends for months, under pressure to announce research results that would… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    Make Up the Elemental Analysis: An Update

    Chemistry Blog has more on the incident picked up first at ChemBark and noted here yesterday. This rapidly-becoming-famous case has the Supporting Information file of a paper published at Organometallics seemingly instructing a co-author to “make up” an elemental analysis to put in the manuscript. Now the editor of the journal (John Gla… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    Academic Kickbacks in China?

    Here’s a provocative post over at Chemjobber’s blog, taking off from a letter to C&E News. James Collmann (emeritus at Stanford) wrote in about a recent article on Chinese scientists returning to that country to take academic positions. He mentions, as a “widely known but seldom discussed” problem, that large research g… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    GSK Scandal Info

    Several comments to the posts on the GSK China problems seem quite. . .knowledgable. This has inspired a journalist to get in touch with me, but I’ve told her that (since these comments are anonymous) that I have no way of verifying their contents or getting in touch with the people who left them. She… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    One GSK China Scandal Blends Into Another

    According to the New York Times, the problems with GSK’s China operations have been going on for a while. It’s worth distinguishing two types of trouble, though: there’s the bribery scandal, where the company’s representatives have been paying off people up and down the Chinese health system, and there’s the scientific… Read More
  • Current Events

    China’s GlaxoSmithKline Crackdown

    Keeping up with the GlaxoSmithKline/China story has been hard – every day or two there’s a new twist. But here’s what’s going on so far: Four GSK executives have been arrested on charges of bribery. Hospitals, doctors, officials of all kinds – the accusations are the the GSK people jacked up prices and sales figures… Read More