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  • The Great Plavix Disaster

    I’ve been remiss in not covering the Plavix situation, which is quite a story. The huge-selling anticoagulant is marketed in the US by Bristol-Meyers Squi… Read More
  • Serono’s Suitors

    If you stopped one hundred people on the street and asked them to name a drug company, I’d be astonished if a single one of them mentioned Serono. But the… Read More
  • This Had Better Be Good

    I wrote a brief wrap-up on the FDA’s concerns about the new Bristol-Meyers Squibb / Merck diabetes drug Pargluva (muraglitazar). It’s officially … Read More
  • Ghostly Influences

    Via Matthew Herper at Forbes, here’s a real grit-your-teeth article on the ghostwriting of journal articles from inside my industry. Now, I know that this… Read More
  • No Defense

    In case anyone has me pegged as a reliable apologist for the pharmaceutical industry, I’d like to direct you to this article in the Sunday New York Times. Read More
  • No Better Than the Rest of Them

    I noticed this post over at A Scientist’s Life on some recent instances of retracted papers and scientific fraud. Those two phenomena aren’t linked… Read More
  • Silver Tongues, Golden Hands?

    I’ve been thinking more about Sam Waksal’s interesting career (see the September 29 post below, and this link for an online version of the story … Read More
  • A Rake’s Progress

    Friday’s Wall Street Journal has an extraordinary front-page story on the career of Sam Waksal, late of Imclone. If you haven’t heard, it turns out… Read More
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