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  • Martin Shkreli Arrested

    Word came about a half hour ago that everyone’s least favorite spokesman for the drug industry, Martin Shkreli, was arrested for securities fraud. His for… Read More
  • The Magic of Peer Review

    Here’s an article at Vox about the problems with scientific peer review, and I have to say, it’s pretty accurate. After going over how it’s s… Read More
  • More Fake Journal Sleaze

    Here’s one for the fake-journal files: Tom Spears at the Ottawa Citizen has found a shady online journal (The “Journal of Spectroscopy and Molecular… Read More
  • Scams, Attended By Frauds

    A puzzled reader sent along this notice of a meeting next month in London. It’s ostensibly on natural products, but he noted a conspicuous lack of anyone… Read More
  • The End Result of Faked Results

    Oh, man. Here’s another example of an old, sad story – just a little fakery at the beginning, and here’s what it leads to: Government prosecut… Read More
  • A Retraction, Ten Years Later

    Here’s an odd thing, noted by a reader of this site. Organic Letters has a retraction of a paper in the Baldwin group at Oxford, “Biomimetic Synthes… Read More
  • Some Sales Force

    If you want to see the real underbelly of pharmaceutical sales and promotion, here it is. Insys Therapeutics makes a sublingual spray formulation of fentanyl ca… Read More
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