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  • Three More Retractions

    Ouch. When the “unclick” work from the Bielawski lab at Texas was found not to hold up, the word was that other papers involving the now-hard-to-fin… Read More
  • Unclick Undone, Unsurprisingly

    The now-notorious “unclick” paper has been retracted. Last summer saw an editorial “Expression of Concern”, and later it was reported by… Read More
  • Refund That Grant Money

    Now, here’s a proposal that would shake a lot of academic research up: what if granting agencies could force a refund of the awarded funds if the resultin… Read More
  • Nonstop Glamour and Prestige

    A longtime reader sent along these two items as indications of just how high-end it’s getting in some parts of the scientific publishing game. First off,… Read More
  • More Designer Drugs

    Here’s a good article on the illegal recreational drug trade – the boutique end of it, anyway. I’ve written about this sort of thing before, a… Read More
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