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  • Competing Interests

    The Nature publishing group recently changed its rules on author disclosure for things that might affect objectivity in the authorship of papers. The criteria i… Read More
  • Where Does the News Hype Come From?

    From Chris Chambers on Twitter (of Cardiff Univ.) come some very important points about press coverage of scientific results. I often make references here to m… Read More
  • Scooped, I Suppose the Word Is

    Via Retraction Watch, here’s a situation that I don’t recall seeing before: a group at Foshan University in China published a paper in the journal N… Read More
  • Scaffold Popularity

    Here’s a paper that’s analyzing the popularity of different structural scaffolds in medicinal chemistry over time. The authors are using the ChEMBL… Read More
  • An Odd Paper?

    Nanoparticles came up around here the other day, and now a reader sends along a new paper in the field that’s. . .a bit odd. Maybe more than a bit. ItR… Read More
  • Bad Cells. So Many Bad Cells.

    Let’s file this one under “We’ve seen this before, and I’ll bet we’ll see it again”. Anyone who’s worked for some year… Read More
  • Publish and Prosper

    What do you get if you publish a paper in a highly-ranked journal? Some prestige, certainly. If you’re in academia, it certainly helps your application fo… Read More
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