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  • The Scientific Literature

    Fazlul Sarkar Subpoenas PubPeer

    Last month I mentioned that a professor at Wayne State, Fazlul Sarkar, was thinking of suing the PubPeer site or its commenters, after a host of negative comments on his papers disrupted his move to the University of Mississippi. Well, he’s making good on that threat, according to Retraction Watch. The court papers have all… Read More
  • Biological News

    The Electromagnetic Field Stem Cell Authors Respond

    The authors of the ACS Nano paper on using electromagnetic fields to produce stem cells have responded on PubPeer. They have a good deal to say on the issues around the images in their paper (see the link), and I don’t think that argument is over yet. But here’s what they have on criticisms of… Read More
  • The Scientific Literature

    No More Prearranged Editors at PNAS

    While we’re on the topic of the literature, I see that PNAS has made some changes to their system: Although the largest number of submissions to PNAS are through the Direct Submission route, there continues to linger a general perception that to publish a paper in PNAS, an author requires sponsorship of an NAS member. Read More
  • The Scientific Literature

    No, They Really Aren’t Reproducible

    Here’s an interview with Nobel winner Randy Schekman, outspoken (as usual) on the subject of the scientific literature. This part caught my attention: We have a problem. Some people claim that important papers cannot be replicated. I think this is an argument that has been made by the drug companies. They claim that they take… Read More
  • The Scientific Literature

    See You in Court? Not Likely

    There had been talk of some sort of trouble brewing via PubPeer, the open-source post-publication review site, and this appears to be it. There’s more on the issue at Science: Farzul Sarkar at Wayne State is suing, if he can find the right people to sue. The issue first came to light in August, when… Read More
  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    A Day of Irreproducibility In Cambridge

    I wanted to mention that there’s an interesting symposium on “Irreproducibility in Target Validation” taking place at Novartis (Cambridge, MA) next month, October 23. This is a topic that many an industrial biopharma researcher can relate to, and as academic centers get into more drug research, they’re joining the rueful par… Read More
  • The Scientific Literature

    Big Journals, Big Retractions

    Big high-impact journals have more retractions, it seems. I can see how that would be, because there are several forces at work. People want to publish their splashy, cutting-edge results in the big-name journals, and a higher percentage of those papers are wrong to start with, as opposed to more incremental ones. And the big… Read More
  • The Scientific Literature

    There Must Have Been Multiple Chances to Catch This

    It’s time for a hang-heads-in-shame moment. This is another off the Twitter feed, and the only place to see the figure in its native state is to go the the Chemical Reviews table of contents and scroll down to the article titled “Aqueous Rechargable Li and Na Ion Batteries”. A perfectly reasonable topic, but take… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    Peer Review, Up Close and Personal

    Retraction Watch has a rare look behind the peer review curtain in the (now notorious) case of the STAP stem cell controversy. This was the publication that claimed that stem-like cells could be produced by simple acid treatment, and this work has since been shown to be fraudulent. Damaged reputations, bitter accusations, and one suicide… Read More
  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    Are Your Compounds Ugly? Do You Know?

    A reader sends along this paper, on some small molecules targeting the C2 domain of coagulation factor VIII. It illustrates some points that have come up around here over the years, that’s for sure. The target is not a particularly easy one: a hit would have to block the interaction of that protein domain with… Read More