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  • Open Access For ACS Articles?

    Rich Apodaca investigates something that I didn’t know, either: that the ACS provides the corresponding authors of papers with links to their articles, wh… Read More
  • Phil Baran at Blog Syn

    I linked recently to the latest reaction check at Blog Syn, benzylic oxidation by IBX. Now Prof. Baran (a co-author on the original paper, from his Nicoloau day… Read More
  • What If the Journal Disappears?

    Hmm, here’s a question I hadn’t considered. What happens when an online-only journal quits publishing and (apparently) deletes its archives? That… Read More
  • An Incentive For Hype

    Here’s an article illustrating what goes into high-profile journal publications, and why you should always read past the title and the abstract. Björn Br… Read More
  • The Wages of Copy-Pasting

    A few weeks ago I mentioned this situation regarding work by Prof. Xi Yan. Two recent papers seem to have been substantially copy-pasted from earlier work publi… Read More
  • More From Blog Syn

    I wanted to mention that there are two more entries up on Blog Syn: one of them covering this paper on alkenylation of pyridines. (It’s sort of like a Hec… Read More
  • A Word We Didn’t Know We Needed

    I’ve written here about the strange-sounding conferences that keep sending out invitations to all and sundry. They tend to be in provincial Chinese cities… Read More
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