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  • The Scientific Literature

    Advertising in the Supplementary Information?

    Here’s a publication concern I’d never come across before. A reader sends word that an ACS journal asked him and his co-authors to remove the names of vendors and manufacturers in their Supporting Information, over concerns that this might be seen as some form of advertising. I think they were specifically thinking of whether the… Read More
  • The Scientific Literature

    Scientists and Google Reader’s Demise

    I suspect that many people follow this blog through its RSS feed. And I feel sure that many readers here follow the current scientific literature that way. Journals are updated constantly, and that’s the most concentrated way to get all the new information in one place for flipping through. (No more “new journal table” in… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    Anonymity, Fakery, et al.

    I wanted to link to this piece at C&E News on the whole question of anonymity when it comes to comments on the chemical literature. This was brought on by the advent of Blog Syn, but it applied before that, and will continue to apply to other situations. Its author, Fredrik von Kieseritzky, also calls… Read More
  • The Scientific Literature

    Open Access For ACS Articles?

    Rich Apodaca investigates something that I didn’t know, either: that the ACS provides the corresponding authors of papers with links to their articles, which (1) allow for fifty free downloads during the first year after publication, and (2) allow for unlimited free downloads after that. I thought about that for a while, and couldn’t re… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Phil Baran at Blog Syn

    I linked recently to the latest reaction check at Blog Syn, benzylic oxidation by IBX. Now Prof. Baran (a co-author on the original paper, from his Nicoloau days) has written See Arr Oh with a detailed repeat of the experiment. He gets it to work, so I think it’s fair to say that (1) the… Read More
  • The Scientific Literature

    What If the Journal Disappears?

    Hmm, here’s a question I hadn’t considered. What happens when an online-only journal quits publishing and (apparently) deletes its archives? That’s what seems to have happened with the “Journal of Advances in Developmental Research”. Now, to a first approximation, the loss of many of the papers in this journal will not… Read More
  • The Scientific Literature

    An Incentive For Hype

    Here’s an article illustrating what goes into high-profile journal publications, and why you should always read past the title and the abstract. Björn Brembs noticed this paper coming out in Current Biology on fruit fly receptors and behavior, whose abstract claims that “blocking synaptic output from octopamine neurons inverts the vale… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    The Wages of Copy-Pasting

    A few weeks ago I mentioned this situation regarding work by Prof. Xi Yan. Two recent papers seem to have been substantially copy-pasted from earlier work published by completely different groups. Now See Arr Oh has some details on what happens to you when you have the nerve to do that in a journal of… Read More
  • Chemical News

    More From Blog Syn

    I wanted to mention that there are two more entries up on Blog Syn: one of them covering this paper on alkenylation of pyridines. (It’s sort of like a Heck reaction, only you don’t have to have an iodo or triflate on the pyridine; it just goes right into the CH bond). The short answer: Read More
  • Drug Assays

    All Those Drug-Likeness Papers: A Bit Too Neat to be True?

    There’s a fascinating paper out on the concept of “drug-likeness” that I think every medicinal chemist should have a look at. It would be hard to count the number of publications on this topic over the last ten years or so, but what if we’ve been kidding ourselves about some of the main points? The… Read More