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  • No Better Than the Rest of Them

    I noticed this post over at A Scientist’s Life on some recent instances of retracted papers and scientific fraud. Those two phenomena aren’t linked… Read More
  • Catching Up

    Little time for blogging the last day or two. I’ve been finishing up a paper to send to Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, the first one I’ Read More
  • Back in the Stacks

    I don’t want to give the impression that there are hundreds of gems buried among the papers that no one references. Sometimes no one references them becau… Read More
  • The Library of Babel

    Spent some quality time in the library at work today, digging into another aspect of a project that I’m working on. As you get deeper into the literature… Read More
  • Life of the Party

    My earlier gloss of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry as “Jay Med Chem” prompts me to provide a complete guide to faking your way into sounding lik… Read More
  • Cruel to Be Kind

    There’s an interesting post over at A Dog’s Life about the comments that the reviewers of scientific papers make. These comments are (ahem) supposed… Read More
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