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  • Today’s Lab Prep

    OK, this one’s a fairly easy procedure, which you will find way back in Volume 6 of the ever-entertaining Inorganic Syntheses. You’ll need a tube fu… Read More
  • Thanks, But No Thanks

    From the “Discretion is the Better Part of Valor” files, here’s Dietmar Seyferth looking back on his chemistry career: For my research advisor… Read More
  • Max Gergel’s Second Odd Book

    I mentioned the fearsome memoirs of Max Gergel here, but not many people know that he wrote another volume. “The Ageless Gergel”, out of print for w… Read More
  • Fun With Tunichromes

    Ever hear of tunicates? They’re these little sea squirt creatures that sit around day and night, filtering sea water for food. The weird thing about them is t… Read More