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  • More On Homemade Street Drugs

    I wrote here about a Wall Street Journal article covering illegal street-drug labs in Europe. Well, maybe that should be not-quite-illegal, because the people i… Read More
  • Avandia: Was the Evidence Buried?

    The New York Times has added to the arguments over Avandia (rosiglitazone) this morning, with an above-the-fold front page item on when its cardiovascular risks… Read More
  • Steve Nissen vs. GlaxoSmithKline

    You don’t often get to see so direct an exchange of blows as this: Steve Nissen, of cardiology and drug-safety fame, published an editorial about GlaxoSmi… Read More
  • Vaccines in the Court

    The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a vaccine-liability case, in an attempt to untangle conflicting lower court rulings. This all turns on the 1986 act that sh… Read More
  • Steve Nissen’s Meeting with GSK

    Well, this is interesting. Back when Steve Nissen was about to publish his meta-analysis on the safety of Avandia (rosigiltazone), he met with several GlaxoSmit… Read More
  • Avandia: Off the Market or Not?

    The Senate report that leaked on Avandia (rosiglitazone) over the weekend has made plenty of headlines. It quotes an internal FDA report that recommends flatly… Read More
  • A Database of Side Effects

    There’s probably a lot of undiscovered information sitting out there in clinical trial data sets. And while I was just worrying the other day about people… Read More
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