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  • Clearance Sale

    While I’m on the subject, I’ll mention some details that will be familiar to my fellow medicinal chemists. The body has a lot of mechanisms to deal… Read More
  • Neurotoxins

    One reason that I have doubts about thimerosal as a cause of autism goes back to mechanism of action. Are there any specific compounds that are know to cause sp… Read More
  • The Ames Test and the Real World

    Back to the question: what does the Ames test tell us? One thing it does is something that all toxicological tests do – that, as Paracelsus put it, “… Read More
  • The Ames Test

    One hears a lot about the Ames test (as a measure of carcinogenicity and other Bad Things.) It’s sometimes held up by animal-rights types as a model of th… Read More
  • Our Buddies at the FDA

    Another question I’ve had posed to me is whether the FDA standards for drug approval are too tight (no one who writes to me seems to worry that they might… Read More
  • Rats, For Fear of Worse

    I’ve had some mail asking a good (and Frequently Asked) question: how good are the alternatives to animal testing? How close are we to not dosing animals… Read More
  • Toxicolottery

    I’ll continue to talk now and then about some topics that won’t necessarily be news to those inside the pharma industry. I see from my traffic stats… Read More
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