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  • Why Not Bromine?

    So here’s a question for the medicinal chemists: how come we don’t like bromoaromatics so much? I know I don’t, but I have trouble putting my… Read More
  • Thalidomide, Bound to Its Target

    There’s a new report in the literature on the mechanism of thalidomide, so I thought I’d spend some time talking about the compound. Just mentioning… Read More
  • All Natural And Chemical Free

    Yesterday’s link to the comprehensive list of chemical-free products led to some smiles, but also to some accusations of preaching to the choir, both on m… Read More
  • Whack-A-Mole

    I noticed some links to this post showing up on my Twitter feed over the weekend, and I wanted to be sure to mention it. There’s a recipe for “all-n… Read More
  • A New Way to Study Hepatotoxicity

    Every medicinal chemist fears and respects the liver. That’s where our drugs go to die, or at least to be severely tested by that organ’s array of p… Read More
  • Pesticide Toxicity?

    There’s been a report on the toxicity of various pesticides in the literature suggesting that they’re far more toxic to human cells than had been th… Read More
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