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  • Brief Items: Chem Wiki, Autism/Vaccines, Solar Cells

    Kyle Finchsigmate of The Chem Blog is starting a wiki site for chemistry lab techniques – have a look here. Here’s an excellent overview of the vaccine/autism stuggles, from PLoS Biology. The take-home message: a lot of people in the general public care about a compelling narrative, and many of them don’t give a dirty… Read More
  • Deuterated Drugs: A Side Effect Already?

    Well, this isn’t a toxicological side effect so much as an analytical chemistry one. Nature reports that forensic scientists are quite worried about the idea of deuterated drugs catching on, because they use deuterated versions of common pharmaceuticals as analytical reference standards. A lot of common analysis methods for the drugs in quest… Read More
  • Sheesh

    Readers may have seen the recent sting operation on Coast IRB, an institutional review board company that’s in the business of monitoring clinical trials. They signed off on a trial of a nonexistent product from a bogus company, which doesn’t make them look very good, to put it mildly. Admittedly, they probably weren’t expecting t… Read More
  • Kevin Trudeau: A Bit of Good News

    I thought, given all the recent news, that everyone could use a story that would bring a smile to their faces, so here we go: Kevin Trudeau, the infomercial king who makes his living slandering drug research and feeding conspiracy theories about diet and health, has been fined $5 million dollars over the marketing of… Read More
  • Crowded Proteins

    As Arthur Kornberg never tired of pointing out, cells are gels. It’s too easy for biologists and chemists to imagine cells as sort of like liquid-filled plastic bags – and while that’s an OK picture as far as it goes, it tends to make you picture the cytoplasm as a lot more dilute than it… Read More
  • Fifteen Minutes Shot

    If today’s post didn’t waste enough of your time, here’s another way to carve something out of the economy: name all the elements, in any order but correctly spelled, in fifteen minutes. I scored a 97 – forgot some of the more recently-named transition metals, and I didn’t even bother with the placeholder names for… Read More
  • Fill Out Your Pharma Brackets

    A reader called my attention to this alarming but weirdly fascinating graphic over at the Wall Street Journal‘s Health Blog. It’s a March tournament bracket for the drug industry, but the winning team takes over the loser. Of course, the thing that makes it so spooky is that all the second-round matchups they show are… Read More
  • Wandering Through the Hydrides

    If you want to get a feel for chemistry, one way might be to wander through the periodic table, picking one particular type of compound and seeing how things change as you go from element to element. (That’s a good part of how Mendeleev figured the whole thing out, actually). But you’ll want to pick… Read More
  • Gene Patents, Part One: Genes As Chemicals

    A lot of rather heating commentary is coming on on the subject of Michael Crichton’s gene-patent article, and on gene patents in general. The subject is large enough that it’ll need to be broken down to discuss. For today, here’s my take on one aspect, what a patent lawyer would call “composition of matter”. The… Read More