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  • Statin Showdown

    The American Heart Association meeting has been going on this week, and it’s one of the high-profile venues for cardiovascular research results. Today, am… Read More
  • Here and There

    Work and home have conspired to leave little time for blogging for today. I’m glad that I do something easy for a living like discovering wonder drugs, ra… Read More
  • It Pours on Ligand

    Pfizer and Ligand had their application for Oporia (lasofoxifene) shot down by the FDA this week. Details are scarce about the grounds for this action, but laso… Read More
  • Thought For a Long Weekend

    Many of my readers here are scientists, and it’s fair to say that everyone who stops by regularly must have an interest in the subject. It’s easy to… Read More
  • Happy Fourth of July

    Last year’s Fourth of July entry is so much like what we’ve been up to this year that I’m going to run it as is. Well, instead of a pork shoul… Read More
  • A Steeplechase of Dead Horses

    Health care (and its discontents) seems to be popping up all over the left-of-center blog world this week. (I believe that we have Paul Krugman column in the Ne… Read More
  • An Update

    I’d like to thank everyone who’s left comments and e-mails. It’s all much appreciated. I’ve been encouraged by those who’ve told m… Read More
  • In Memoriam

    I’ve been unable to post anything the last couple of days. Unfortunately, my brother died on Monday. His death appears to have been a heart attack, but wh… Read More
  • More on Titan

    As a chemist, I can’t help but be fascinated by the photos from Titan. Shorelines, watersheds – uh, make that “ethanesheds”? – peb… Read More
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