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  • A Vaccine Against Putting on Weight?

    I wrote here on the appetite hormone ghrelin, the target of much research over the last few years. The short background on it is that it’s important in feeding behavior, growth hormone secretion, brain development, and probably several other things we haven’t stumbled on yet. Drug companies have taken notice, synthesizing ligands for th… Read More
  • Pyrotechnic Days

    Many of my US-based readers in the industry probably aren’t even at work today – having July 4th fall on a Tuesday definitely puts a dent in the Monday before it. (I’m not at the Wonder Drug Factory myself). No doubt the grad students and post-docs are cranking away in the lab, though, and I… Read More
  • More On Doing Away With Patents

    Many of the folks commenting on that last post know what they’re talking about, but not everyone who opines on drug industry patents does. (My fear, as I said yesterday, is that Boldrin and Levine might be in that category). So I thought I’d lay out some of the ground rules that people outside the… Read More
  • Bubble Fusion Implodes

    The bubbles produced by sonication of liquids are weird things, and there’s no doubt that strikingly high temperatures and pressures can be produced in them (for strikingly short periods of time). The idea that they might be high enough to induce nuclear fusion has been around for years, and in 2002 a group at Oak… Read More
  • Wonder Drug, Indeed

    “Wonder Drug Inspires Deep, Unwavering Love of Pharmaceutical Companies”: “Many individuals today lack the deep, abiding affection for drug makers that is found in healthy people, such as myself,” Pfizer CEO Hank McKinnell said. “These tragic disorders are reaching epidemic levels, and as a company dedicated to promoti… Read More
  • Things Turn Nasty

    Back in 2003, I wrote about the excitement over PYY3-36, a peptide which showed some profound effects on feeding in animal models, but I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down: . . .You’re not going to be able to take this orally. It’s going to be i.v. or bust for some time, I’m afraid. There’s… Read More
  • Return of Neowater

    An interesting development in the comment threads to the “Nanotech Wonder Water” post was the appearance of Miguel Cizin, of DoCoop, makers of Neowater itself. He’s doing a good job looking out after his company’s name, and I’m glad to have him here. I’ve had a chance to look through their patent application, and… Read More
  • Dangerous Thoughts

    Not being a world-famous scientist, I wasn’t asked to contribute to the “Dangerous Ideas” festschrift (see the post below). Of course, I also don’t have their founder John Brockman as my literary agent, either. . .but if his people (or any other good agents!) call, I’ll definitely pick up the phone. But I̵… Read More
  • Grand Rounds

    Welcome to the latest iteration of Grand Rounds. On behalf of the greedy rapacious pharmaceutical industry, I’m glad to be hosting this week. Unfortunately for everyone, the research end of the G.R.P.I. is not immersed in the ceaseless flow of promotional swag that the medical community has come to know us for. So for you… Read More
  • A Vioxx Bomb Drops. Or Does It?

    You don’t see many articles in the medical literature titled “Expression of Concern”. But that’s how yesterday’s release from the New England Journal of Medicine starts out (PDF). The editors are expressing their concern over the published VIGOR trial data from 2000. It turns out that some time ago, the journal’s… Read More