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  • One Of Us Is Hallucinating

    I’ve been involved in the comments section of another blog, a discussion of pharmaceutical prices which took off from the posts over here. Things have tak… Read More
  • All Fixed Up

    Time to revisit a long-standing topic. You may well have noticed the news items about the FDA’s new programs to crack down on prescription drug counterfei… Read More
  • Easterbrook Post Updated

    I wanted to point out the update at the end of the “Cold Equations” post below, in case anyone’s interested. There’s been a lot of mail… Read More
  • The Cold Equations

    Here’s a question for the folks at The New Republic: are you really sure that Gregg Easterbrook’s blog is a good idea? Just checking. He’s alr… Read More
  • Ricin Redux

    Now that the suspected ricin in the Senate (and White House?) has been confirmed, I thought I’d repost a version of something I wrote about a year ago on… Read More
  • Deal Me In

    The inventor of the blue-light diode, Shuji Nakamura, has been fighting for some years now for a bigger piece of the profits from his invention. Since his origi… Read More
  • Not in My European Back Yard

    I wanted to mention another thing about Sanofi-Synthelabo’s bid for Aventis. I hope that the French government keeps in mind, as they promote this deal, t… Read More
  • Secretin

    Secretin is a signaling peptide that stimulates the pancreas. It kicks in when food is consumed, causing the pancreas to secrete its mixture of digestive enzyme… Read More
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