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  • Grand Rounds

    Welcome to the latest iteration of Grand Rounds. On behalf of the greedy rapacious pharmaceutical industry, I’m glad to be hosting this week. Unfortunately for everyone, the research end of the G.R.P.I. is not immersed in the ceaseless flow of promotional swag that the medical community has come to know us for. So for you… Read More
  • A Vioxx Bomb Drops. Or Does It?

    You don’t see many articles in the medical literature titled “Expression of Concern”. But that’s how yesterday’s release from the New England Journal of Medicine starts out (PDF). The editors are expressing their concern over the published VIGOR trial data from 2000. It turns out that some time ago, the journal’s… Read More
  • The Bell Finally Tolls for Peter Rost

    I missed this last night, but Pfizer finally fired Peter Rost. (I’ve spoken about him and his situation at Pfizer here and here). He was hanging on in (well-paid) limbo due to a whistleblower suit he was involved in. The government declined to take part in the case this week, and the complaint was unsealed… Read More
  • A Man, A Book, and a Plan. Several Plans.

    So, what’s Kevin Trudeau up to these days? (Besides counting those great big stacks of money, that is). Back in August he was selling huge loads of his “Natural Cures” book, which is a rather huge load in and of itself, even though people seemed to be catching on to the fact that there are… Read More
  • Statin Showdown

    The American Heart Association meeting has been going on this week, and it’s one of the high-profile venues for cardiovascular research results. Today, among other things, came the details of a head-to-head trial (called, in standard cute-acronym style, IDEAL) of Pfizer’s Lipitor (atorvastatin) against Merck’s soon-to-be-generic Z… Read More
  • Here and There

    Work and home have conspired to leave little time for blogging for today. I’m glad that I do something easy for a living like discovering wonder drugs, rather than re-seeding my lawn full time. Crabgrass farming, on the other hand, I seem to have a natural touch for. There are some other folks out there… Read More
  • It Pours on Ligand

    Pfizer and Ligand had their application for Oporia (lasofoxifene) shot down by the FDA this week. Details are scarce about the grounds for this action, but lasofoxifene was supposed to be one of Pfizer’s string of billion-dollar drugs – you know, the ones that they need every single one of to meet their growth targets. Read More
  • Thought For a Long Weekend

    Many of my readers here are scientists, and it’s fair to say that everyone who stops by regularly must have an interest in the subject. It’s easy to forget that scientific research is (like many other things) one of the brightly colored dabs of paint that make up the very thin veneer we call civilization. Read More
  • Happy Fourth of July

    Last year’s Fourth of July entry is so much like what we’ve been up to this year that I’m going to run it as is. Well, instead of a pork shoulder, I did two racks of ribs this time, with branches from a shagbark hickory at the back of my property tossed onto the coals… Read More
  • A Steeplechase of Dead Horses

    Health care (and its discontents) seems to be popping up all over the left-of-center blog world this week. (I believe that we have Paul Krugman column in the New York Times to thank for this.) I don’t have the energy reserves at the moment to argue macroeconomic health care issues. And besides, let’s be realistic… Read More