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  • A Steeplechase of Dead Horses

    Health care (and its discontents) seems to be popping up all over the left-of-center blog world this week. (I believe that we have Paul Krugman column in the New York Times to thank for this.) I don’t have the energy reserves at the moment to argue macroeconomic health care issues. And besides, let’s be realistic… Read More
  • An Update

    I’d like to thank everyone who’s left comments and e-mails. It’s all much appreciated. I’ve been encouraged by those who’ve told me that they’ve passed on links and copies of the last post. If it has an effect on someone in time to do some good, I’ll be very happy. I’m still helping to tie… Read More
  • In Memoriam

    I’ve been unable to post anything the last couple of days. Unfortunately, my brother died on Monday. His death appears to have been a heart attack, but what really killed him was vodka. My brother was an alcoholic; he had been one for many years. Looking back, he first showed signs of it as an… Read More
  • Just How Many Compounds Are We Talking About?

    Just how many chemicals are there? As written, you can find estimates of anywhere from 10 to the eighteenth (pretty big, all right) all the way up to the gibbering, flee-in-terror order of ten to the two hundredth. A range like that makes it clear that no one knows what they’re talking about, so the… Read More
  • More on Titan

    As a chemist, I can’t help but be fascinated by the photos from Titan. Shorelines, watersheds – uh, make that “ethanesheds”? – pebbles (made of ice) that seem clearly to have been eroded by flow or tumbling. . .it’s great stuff. The line I heard about Titan being a huge Urey-Miller experiment that’s been ru… Read More
  • The Example of Claritin

    A few weeks ago I linked to Slate‘s Jack Shafer and his criticism of a New York Times article on the FDA. I had trouble seeing the point of that article myself, so Shafer’s comments helped put my mind at ease. Well, Times editor Bill Keller had some reaction to Shafer’s attack, which (after an… Read More
  • . . .Nor Am I Out of It

    I jumped the gun a bit with my year-end piece yesterday, in which I got my hand-wringing out of the way for now. The most casual observer can see that the drug industry is in something of a fix. What I’m asking now is for ideas on how to get ourselves out of it. In… Read More
  • I Don’t See How This Qualifies As Bliss

    No blogging window for today – there will be a post tomorrow, and then I’ll take a break until next Monday. For now, I recommend this post over at Uncertain Principles. Its implications for public discussions of drug discovery and safety should be pretty clear (as will the title of this post, for that matter!) Read More
  • Epidemic of Good Sense Spreading, Scientists Say

    Thanks to the Red Sox and the Cardinals, I’m pressed for blogging time today. But I wanted to point out an article by Malcolm Gladwell that was just posted at the New Yorker site. Entitled “Don’t Blame Big Pharma”, it’s a look at Marcia Angell’s book – with which he’s not impressed – and at… Read More
  • How Do You Know When to Stop?

    Qetzal makes a good point in the comments to the previous post: “fail quickly” is fine, but when are you sure that you’ve failed? It’s a real problem. Medicinal chemists like me are notorious for always having another chemical series to try, another set of modifications that just might do the trick. We can go… Read More