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  • The Drug Project Landscape

    Here’s a new paper in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery that’s going to the trouble of matching specific disease indications with specific mechanisms in… Read More
  • Song of Experience

    I noticed this paper when it came out, and filed it in my “Useful Lab Tricks” folder. Organic chemists who have used triphenylphosphine-driven react… Read More
  • Watch Your Covalent Drugs Carefully

    EGFR is a growth-factor receptor protein that’s well known as a cancer target, and there are a number of drugs that target its kinase activity in order to… Read More
  • The Latest on China

    China’s impact on biopharma has been a perennial story in the press (and on this blog). The big picture has been the interplay between the “China a… Read More
  • Building A House, Building a Cell

    I’ve been thinking (for a long time now!) about how to explain to people outside of the field how odd drug discovery really is. And that comes down to exp… Read More
  • A Rain of Tiny Droplets

    You might be surprised to know how little we chemists know about what our reactions are really doing. A case in point is the “on water” field. Water… Read More
  • Gilbert Stork, 1921-2017

    Word reached me late yesterday that Gilbert Stork had died. His most recent paper was published just last month in Org. Lett., and included what will surely bec… Read More
  • Mongersen Fails

    Readers may recall a post here last year about an odd trial of an antisense drug for Crohn’s disease. Celgene had acquired the drug (mongersen, GED-301)… Read More
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