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  • Read, And Read the Odd Stuff

    This article gets across a truth that many people have heard as a piece of advice, but find hard to follow: read the scientific literature widely. Perhaps the b… Read More
  • The Flightosome

    I got this diagram from Arjun Raj‘s Twitter feed, and I think I enjoy it a bit more every time I see it. Some of that is because it’s a big part of… Read More
  • End of a Year

    This is my last workday of the year – I’ll be posting occasionally into the new year, but some of those will be recipes (as is traditional around he… Read More
  • Out of Ideas?

    The Wall Street Journal came out with a series of articles on innovation in the US, and the biopharma industry features quite a bit in them. The lead one is an… Read More
  • Getting Going

    I’ve had a chance recently to talk to some people who are heading off to chemistry grad school in the fall, which brought back memories of when I did that… Read More
  • No Scientific Method, They Say

    Several people have sent this article along, and since there’s not a lot of news so far today, I thought I’d go into it a bit. The title is eye-catc… Read More
  • Startups In Other Parts of the Map

    I read this piece on venture capital with some interest, because it addresses a topic I’ve thought about (and which has come up several times on this blog… Read More
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