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  • India’s Research Culture

    R. A. Mashelkar of India’s National Chemical Laboratory has a provocative opinion piece in Science on the research culture of his country. And it brings u… Read More
  • Garage Biotech

    Freeman Dyson has written about his belief that molecular biology is becoming a field where even basement tinkerers can accomplish things. Whether we’re r… Read More
  • Biology By the Numbers

    I’ve been meaning to write about this paper in PNAS for a while. The authors (from Cal Tech and the Weizmann Institute) have set up a new web site, are ca… Read More
  • That Didn’t Take Very Long

    Back in late September I wrote about a controversial paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It attracted comment for its way-out-there hy… Read More
  • The Grant Application Treadmill

    There’s a (justifiably) angry paper out in PLoS Biology discussing the nasty situation too many academic researchers find themselves in: spending all thei… Read More
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