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  • Easy Parts and Hard Parts

    I’ve been reading George Dyson’s interesting history of Project Orion, the late-1950s attempt to design a spacecraft powered by sequential nuclear e… Read More
  • Attitude

    Now that I’ve had a chance to look over the Wall Street Journal’s article on Bristol-Meyers Squibb, it occurs to me that I’ve seen this behavi… Read More
  • Europe, Again

    Stephen den Beste has a good article about European innovation in science and technology. Well, actually, it’s about the lack of it, as a symptom of the i… Read More
  • Anything Worth Doing. . .

    There are several types of questions in science. You could plot them on a graph, with axes labled “Important / Trivial,” “Hard to Answer / Eas… Read More
  • Giordano Bruno

    I missed a chance yesterday to note an anniversary. Giordano Bruno was something of a crank, not normally the sort of person I’d be commemorating. But in… Read More
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