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  • Artificial Intelligence For Biology?

    A new paper in PLoS Computational Biology is getting a lot of attention (which event, while not trying to be snarky about it, is not something that happens ever… Read More
  • The Sunk Cost Fallacy

    Mentioning target validation yesterday led me to think about an even larger problem: the sunk cost fallacy. That’s a general human tendency, but (like sev… Read More
  • The Curse of Expertise

    David Sackett, epidemiologist and evidence-based medicine proponent, has died this week. I’d heard of him, but I hadn’t seen his editorial about bei… Read More
  • Another Conservation Law

    As long as there’s been organized scientific research – that is, more than one person working on a problem – there have been timeline disconne… Read More
  • Peter Thiel’s Book

    Wavefunction has a good look at Peter Thiel’s Zero to One. As he puts it, “Thiel has said some odd things about chemistry and biotech before, so I w… Read More
  • The State of US Medical Research

    Here’s a look at the state of medical research in the US versus other developed countries (open-access article at JAMA). Some things to note from that cha… Read More
  • Drug Discovery in India

    Molecular biologist Swapnika Ramu, a reader from India, sends along a worthwhile (and tough) question. She says that after her PhD (done in the US), her return… Read More
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