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  • GSK Opens Up Its Trial Data

    GlaxoSmithKline took an unusual step today: they announced that they’re opening up clinical trial data: “GSK is fully committed to sharing informati… Read More
  • Merck’s Madagascar Marketing Mess

    OK, it’s time to haul the marketing guys back in again. Via Pharmalot, I see that Merck, in its capacity now as Merck Schering-Plough, is promoting Clarit… Read More
  • The NIH and Conflicts of Interest

    The NIH has, it appears, been getting quite sensitive about conflicts of interest. There have been some rather ugly scenes involving ghostwritten articles (and… Read More
  • Even Worse Than Reality

    I found this article in The American Scholar via Arts and Letters Daily, entitled “Flacking for Big Pharma”. As you might have possibly guessed from… Read More
  • The Ethics of Avastin

    When we last spoke about the Avastin-and-breast-cancer story here, the FDA had rescinded its provisional approval for that indication, and a number of people we… Read More
  • Excel and Exceed, Y’all

    I wrote a couple of years ago about corporate anthems, and my own horrifying experience with one. One of the comments mentioned Pfizer’s “Excel and… Read More
  • More on KV and Makena’s Pricing

    I wanted to do some follow-up on the Makena story – the longtime progesterone ester drug that has now been newly FDA-approved and newly made two order of… Read More
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