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  • Makena’s Price: What to Do?

    The situation with KV Pharmaceuticals and the premature birth therapy Makena has been all over the news in the last couple of days. Briefly, Makena is an inject… Read More
  • Public Outreach

    Taking on questions from all comers about the drug industry, here I am over at Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” section. Have a look if you like … Read More
  • That $43 Million R&D Figure

    One of the readers in the comments section to the last post noticed Rebecca Warburton trying to clarify that absurd $43-million-per-drug R&D figure. You… Read More
  • Use Avastin! Don’t Use Avastin!

    The Genentech/Roche drug Avastin has been in the news a lot lately, mostly about cost/benefit analysis for its uses in oncology. It’s nobody’s idea… Read More
  • Ahem: “Sell Gobs of Dope”?

    Thanks to Jim Edwards at Bnet, we have an example of some of the worst pharma sales techniques imaginable. A lawsuit alleging that Gilead Pharmaceuticals had be… Read More
  • Ghostwriting On the Larger Scale

    You’ve heard, no doubt, of the problem of ghostwritten articles associated with the drug industry. But now there’s a report of an entire ghostwritte… Read More
  • Avandia Goes Down: A Research Rant

    So now Avandia (rosiglitazone) looks to be withdrawn from the market in Europe, and heavily restricted here in the US. This isn’t much of a surprise, give… Read More
  • The Life of a Key Opinion Leader

    Here’s an uncomplimentary look at the whole concept of “Key Opinion Leaders” in drug marketing. I think this part gets at the real reason many… Read More
  • Steve Nissen vs. GlaxoSmithKline

    You don’t often get to see so direct an exchange of blows as this: Steve Nissen, of cardiology and drug-safety fame, published an editorial about GlaxoSmi… Read More
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