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  • A Tiny Little Presentation Tip

    Protip: making slides that refer to your company’s drug as “snake oil” and illustrate its use with a cartoon of witches standing around a caul… Read More
  • Two Doses of Crazy

    I’d like to take the time this morning to deal with two conspiracy theorists, and I’ll take them in order of increasing foil-hat thickness. First up… Read More
  • Selling It, And Selling It Hard

    There’s a long, detailed article up over at Bloomberg on the recent run of huge fines for off-label promotion of drugs. Pfizer, Lilly, Bristol-Meyers Squi… Read More
  • Fall From Grace

    A couple of articles have come together and gotten me to thinking. Back during the summer, long-time medicinal chemist Mark Murcko published a short editorial i… Read More
  • Spray-Painted For Success

    I do a lot of talking around here about how the general public doesn’t really have a good idea of what goes on inside a drug company. But a conversation w… Read More
  • Animal Rights, You Say?

    Novartis has had trouble for years with animal rights activists, and now things are getting nastier than ever: Novartis CEO Daniel Vasella says the people who b… Read More
  • Ghostwriting

    As much as I defend the industry I work in, I have to talk about things that we do that I don’t think are so defensible. Another one of those has come up… Read More
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