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  • Clinical Trials

    Putting A Price on Proving It

    I’ve already had some reader mail (see here) about this article in today’s New York Times. It starts out looking like a real pharma-bashing exercise. Up to a point, it is – and up to a point, it’s deserved, too. But in the end it’s a more subtle piece, not that you’d guess that from… Read More
  • Drug Prices

    One Of Us Is Hallucinating

    I’ve been involved in the comments section of another blog, a discussion of pharmaceutical prices which took off from the posts over here. Things have taken a turn that I didn’t expect, so I thought I’d run it past the readers of this site. There’s a specific misapprehension that I’m running into, one that I’ve… Read More
  • Why Everyone Loves Us

    A Rough Business

    The front page of today’s Wall St. Journal featured a long story on just exactly how Bristol-Meyers Squibb cooked their books to make sales and earnings appear better. They’re in the middle of restating a couple of years worth of financial results, so the article was timely. I haven’t been able to see all of… Read More
  • Why Everyone Loves Us

    Voluntary. . .For Now

    HHS has fired a warning shot across the bow of the drug industry. These draft guidelines don’t have the force of law behind them (yet,) but the implication seems clear: shape up, or they will. This election cycle has seen some grandstanding against the drug companies (and without foreign policy intruding, there would surely have… Read More
  • Why Everyone Loves Us

    As Others See Us

    The “us” of that title refers to those of us in the drug industry (a reasonable percentage of my readers, but far from a majority.) Many may have noticed that Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal had two two articles side-by-side under the “Politics and Policy” heading. They made an interesting (and surely non-accidental) con… Read More
  • "Me Too" Drugs

    Adam Smith Goes Pharmaceutical

    As readers will have noted in my comments on drugs like Clarinex and Nexium, I certainly don’t think the industry I work in is always a one-hundred-percent benefactor of humanity. Drug companies are here to make money, and (like any business) they’re trying to make the most money they can, consistent with their tolerance for… Read More