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  • One Of Us Is Hallucinating

    I’ve been involved in the comments section of another blog, a discussion of pharmaceutical prices which took off from the posts over here. Things have tak… Read More
  • A Rough Business

    The front page of today’s Wall St. Journal featured a long story on just exactly how Bristol-Meyers Squibb cooked their books to make sales and earnings a… Read More
  • Voluntary. . .For Now

    HHS has fired a warning shot across the bow of the drug industry. These draft guidelines don’t have the force of law behind them (yet,) but the implicatio… Read More
  • As Others See Us

    The “us” of that title refers to those of us in the drug industry (a reasonable percentage of my readers, but far from a majority.) Many may have no… Read More
  • Adam Smith Goes Pharmaceutical

    As readers will have noted in my comments on drugs like Clarinex and Nexium, I certainly don’t think the industry I work in is always a one-hundred-percen… Read More
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