• May 6, 2002

  • Claritin and Clarinex

    I get a lot of Google search hits about those two drugs, so I thought I’d give the public what it wants. I’ve mentioned that I still hold some Schering-Plough stock (dog though it’s been recently,) and I’m about to do my holdings some minor amount of further harm. That’s because, frankly I don’t think… Read More
  • May 3, 2002

  • May 2, 2002

  • Anything Worth Doing. . .

    There are several types of questions in science. You could plot them on a graph, with axes labled “Important / Trivial,” “Hard to Answer / Easy to Answer,” to pick two useful distinctions. Note that those don’t always correlate as well as you’d think. There have been profound scientific questions that turned out… Read More
  • April 22, 2002

    Fun While It Lasted

    The realization has gradually crept up on pharmaceutical chemists that the Great Hiring Wave of the last few years is over. For a while there, it was the biggest one ever. It swept in plenty of people fresh out of grad school, and probably decreased the percent of PhDs doing post-docs, since the offers were… Read More
  • April 19, 2002

    Colors May Fade

    A recent view of Jupiter through my telescope made me wonder, as it usually does, just what sort of weird chemicals must be floating around up there. All the ingredients are there, and the intense heat and pressure in the lower layers would be enough to drive most any reaction you could think of. The… Read More
  • April 15, 2002

    A Treadmill Pill?

    There was quite a wave of publicity about a possible “exercise pill” recently. The folks over at Godless Capitalist asked me to take a crack at explaining what all the noise is about. As you might imagine, though, the original research that set this off is a bit less sensational: “Regulation of Mitochondrial Biogenesis in… Read More
  • April 12, 2002

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