• October 21, 2002

  • October 20, 2002

  • October 17, 2002

    Not Even Funny

    I’m late to this particular party – see Charles Murtaugh and Medpundit for the low-down on a particularly irritating LA Times column. (It requires registration to read, which is fairly irritating all by itself.) In a nutshell, the writer attempts to blame environmental factors for many cases of breast cancer, specifically chemicals prod… Read More
  • October 16, 2002

  • October 15, 2002

    That Voodoo That We Do

    I mentioned in passing that getting cells to express a new gene’s protein is voodoo. That’s pretty close to the technical term of the art for it. Gene therapy is the high-profile application of the technique, but it’s the bread and butter of molecular biology. I can tell you that a lot of drug company… Read More
  • October 14, 2002

    Gene Therapy Decisions

    There’s been a flurry of news about gene therapy, a high-risk high-reward area of research from the very beginning. The biggest success stories came recently in the treatment of X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID,) the so-called “bubble boy” disease. But the course of true therapy never did run smooth, and there have… Read More
  • October 13, 2002

    Nobelity and Lesser Nobelity

    When I referred to Nobels this year as being well-deserved, that got me to thinking. How many scientific Nobels haven’t been? If you go back to the early years of the awards, there actually are some stinkers. And there are a few mild head-scratchers, like Einstein winning for the photoelectric effect (rather than the still-controversial-at-th… Read More
  • October 11, 2002

  • October 10, 2002

  • October 9, 2002

    Nobel Time!

    Congratulations to John Fenn, Koichi Tanaka, and Kurt Wuerthrich for sharing the 2002 Chemistry Nobel. The common theme is characterization of proteins and other macromolecules, and the discoveries are (respectively) electrospray ionization for mass spectrometry, laser desorption for the same, and 2-D NMR techniques. I’ll write more on this t… Read More
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