• December 18, 2002

  • December 17, 2002

  • December 16, 2002


    Now that I’ve had a chance to look over the Wall Street Journal’s article on Bristol-Meyers Squibb, it occurs to me that I’ve seen this behavior many times. I don’t mean the financial voodoo (although I’ve seen that at second hand, just like anyone else who pays attention to the markets.) What I mean is… Read More
  • December 12, 2002

    A Rough Business

    The front page of today’s Wall St. Journal featured a long story on just exactly how Bristol-Meyers Squibb cooked their books to make sales and earnings appear better. They’re in the middle of restating a couple of years worth of financial results, so the article was timely. I haven’t been able to see all of… Read More
  • December 11, 2002

  • December 10, 2002

    Don’t Wait – Patent Today!

    GlaxoSmithKline won an interesting patent fight in Canada the other day. This has been going for quite a while, as you’ll be able to tell when I mention that involves AZT. Canadian generic companies Aponex and Novopharm had been trying to show that Glaxo’s patent was invalid – and Glaxo had been trying to recover… Read More
  • December 9, 2002


    I’ll bet that this is the only hit for a Google search for that word! I typed it out as I was thinking about how some major classes of biomolecules – protein, carbohydrate, lipid, and nucleic acid – are perceived. If you look at the number of papers published, and the number of details worked… Read More
  • December 5, 2002

    A Quick Tour Through the Mudhole

    Before leaving this subject (for now,) I thought I’d take a look at some of the sites I mentioned that pop up when you do a Google search for thimerosal. I hope you all will pardon me for not directly linking these people. I’m not particularly interested in sending them any traffic. From a law… Read More
  • More on Autism (And Mercury)

    After reading my post below, I thought I should clarify a couple of things. I realize that some who believe in a thimerosal-autism link probably don’t argue for a specific brain lesion effect (which spent yesterday’s post argues against.) Rather, the general effects of organomercury toxicity could be the cause. I don’t think that… Read More
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