• June 13, 2002

    The Company You Keep

    Here’s more info on the “Dr. Burton” mentioned in the egregious Weekly Standard advertisement (see the Tuesday, 6/11 post below.) This is courtesy of the invaluable Quackwatch. This is surely the same person. As far as Burton’s methods go, what the book that the advertisement is selling is supposed to do for you, other than… Read More
  • June 11, 2002

    And All For a Little Money

    Today I wanted to cover a particular intersection of medicine, commerce, and politics in the June 10th issue of The Weekly Standard.I’ve read the magazine on and off since its inception, and enjoyed it. I often agree with its editorial stance, and when I don’t, I can usually see what the writers are up to… Read More
  • June 6, 2002

  • June 4, 2002

  • June 3, 2002

  • It’s Not Pretty, But It Works

    Charles Murtaugh has an interesting piece on drug discovery, and invites me to correct any misstatements that he may have made. Hey, under my no-sparrow-shall-fall policy on mentions of drug discovery in the blogosphere, I’d have put my oar in anyway. Charles’s main point is exactly right: that discoveries in the medical/biotech field a… Read More
  • May 31, 2002

    In Case Anyone’s Wondering

    I’m still working on the research idea I’ve been talking about. New data from some of my colleagues is helping out quite a bit, but it means changing the experimental design quite a bit, too. Beats flying blind, though, I have to say. Things have moved from the blast-of-inspiration stage to the get-this-thing-to-work stage. That’s… Read More
  • May 30, 2002

  • May 28, 2002

  • May 23, 2002

    A Few Words

    I see that some of my comments have spread to investors in Entremed, so let me take a few paragraphs to mention some points. I should write these up in a combination FAQ / disclaimer to deal with these situations. First off, as it says on the top of the page, I don’t speak for… Read More
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