• February 25, 2002

  • February 24, 2002


    I’ll continue to talk now and then about some topics that won’t necessarily be news to those inside the pharma industry. I see from my traffic stats that most of the hits are from outside it, although there are increasing numbers from both my own company and the competition. Thoughts of work prompt me to… Read More
  • February 22, 2002

    Cartesian Aging

    As I mentioned previously, I’ve been reading the letters of both Kingsley Amis and Philip Larkin. One thing you notice in any Collected Letters book (try Evelyn Waugh’s) is old age creeping up on the writers. It’s less noticable in Larkin’s case; his personality famously made him sound about 70 years old for decades. But… Read More
  • February 20, 2002

    Giordano Bruno

    I missed a chance yesterday to note an anniversary. Giordano Bruno was something of a crank, not normally the sort of person I’d be commemorating. But in his time, it didn’t take very much to be considered either of those, or worse, and we have to make allowances. He was headstrong. We can see now… Read More
  • February 18, 2002

    A Couple of Days Off

    I won’t be posting for another day or two; I’m taking tomorrow off from the Wonder Drug Factory and heading out with the family. My chemistry can get along without me just fine, and the people that report to me will most likely be even more productive without me around. Leaving the lab for a… Read More
  • February 14, 2002

  • February 7, 2002

    The Latest Thing

    The pharmaceutical industry is overdue for another crazy idea. Go back to the mid/late 1980s, for example, and you hit the first swell of computer-aided “rational” drug design. It’s hard to remember, but the hype was that random screening and old-fashioned analog synthesis were both dead. Shooting arrows blindly, hoping to hit you… Read More
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