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March 8, 2007

More Participating Countries

In my article on the new EMBO Installation grants, I wrote that although scientists from western Europe can apply for the grants, they must be in the process of establishing themselves in one of Europe's less-well-off countries. For the first competition (applications due 15 April) is limited to applicants established in Croatia, the Czech Repubic, Estonia, Poland, Turkey, and--one geographic outlier--Portugal.

But according to programme manager Gerlind Wallon the scheme may include other countries in the future. While initially the new EMBO scheme was intended to help Central European countries, "All countries have been invited to participate," Wallon says, and each decides for itself how many scientists they want to help relocate. Those countries must then provide funding for the awards. "At present, also some Western countries are debating possible participation," says Wallon.

So, if your country isn't one of the six participating in the first competition, keep an eye on the EMBO Web site to find out whether it will participate in the future.

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