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  • Flattened by the Boom

    This week in Focus, Science reports on the struggles of young investigators to get their work funded in the wake of a massive expansion of the biomedical research enterprise. Link to the full text is provided courtesy of Science magazine. Read More
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    Funding Your Research: Sources, Steps, and Strategies

    Garth A. Fowler, Science Careers’ North American outreach program manager, led a symposium last month in Boston on research funding. Materials from that symposium are now available for download. The program covered the basic principles of grant writing, the submission process, and researching funding resources. Some 400 graduate students and… Read More
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    Feedback on “Moving Out of the Shadows”

    Dear Science Editor, The discussion in Elisabeth Pain`s "Moving Out of the Shadows: Publishing From the Rest of the World" points to the typical publishing scenario in Brazil, where the mother tongue is Portuguese. Indeed, Brazilian researchers can be an exemplar of those from most of Latin America, when it comes to getting published in… Read More