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April 27, 2007

Updates to the "GrantsNet Guide to Financing Your Research Exchange in India."

Martin Reddington, Director of Scientific Affairs and Communications at the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP), pointed out a couple of errors in our discussion of HFSP's research funds involving India in our article "GrantsNet Guide to Financing Your Research Exchange in India." This article is part of our feature on research opportunities in India.

Here's an excerpt from Reddington's message explaining the organization's policies ...


We were delighted to see HFSP in your item on funding opportunities for research exchange with India .... However, there is an inaccuracy that gives a too restrictive view of eligibility and could mislead some of the Indian scientists we would like to support.

In the fellowship programs, scientists from non-member countries can only do their postdocs in labs in member countries, but now that India is a member, young Indian scientists could apply for HFSP funds to do their postdocs in non-member countries. This is an important point since we could imagine young Indians going to centres of excellence in non-member countries such as Singapore or China.

Further, labs in non-member countries may only host fellows from member countries, so Indian membership now opens the possibility for Indian labs to recruit post-docs from all over the world....

We updated the article page accordingly.

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