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    A Reader Responds to “Behavioral Science Careers”

    Dear Editors of Science, I was pleasantly surprised to see behavioral sciences highlighted in the recent issue of Science (Volume 316, Issue 5827, 18 May 2007). The section on the diversity of occupations pursued by behavioral scientists was especially compelling. The readers of Science might be interested in a field in which tens of thousands… Read More
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    All About NIH Grants (from NIH)

    The new NIH Extramural Nexus includes an article by Norka Ruiz Bravo, the director of NIH’s Office of Extramural Research (OER), covering the various types of NIH funding announcements. Know the difference between a PA and a PAR? What about a PAS? It may sound dry, but if you’re in the NIH-funded research world and… Read More
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    Slump in NIH Funding Is Taking Toll on Research

    From Monday’s Washington Post: "In the present climate especially, the funding decisions are ultraconservative," Nobel Prize winner Roger Kornberg said in an interview conducted by the Post’s Christopher Lee, describing the situation at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). "If the work that you propose to do isn’… Read More
  • More from Arizona: Postdocs and Retirement Plans

    The goveror of Arizona has signed into law a bill that would exclude postdocs from the state’s mandatory retirement plan. The idea is to allow postdocs to keep the money they would pay into the plan as salaries or stipends, helping them pay bills and pay off student loans instead of being forced to save… Read More
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    Scientists as Patent Lawyers – Alternative Careers Hit the Mainstream

    Here’s a sign that alternative careers for scientists have penetrated the public consciousness–an Associated Press article on scientists choosing careers as patent attorneys. "It’s an exciting area of legal practice right now," said University of Pennsylvania law professor R. Polk Wagner. "Every year I see more and… Read More
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    U.S. Passports – Not a Pretty Picture

    At Science Careers, we have articles and entire features on the value of mobility for scientists that describe the great experiences awaiting researchers when they venture abroad. But before American scientists or any Americans can get anywhere, they need to have a current passport, and getting a passport has become an adventure. The main story… Read More
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    HHMI’s Open Investigator Competition

    The deadline is approaching for the first-ever open competition to become an HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) Investigator, one of the sweetest gigs in science. For the first time, HHMI is focusing on early-career investigators. The application deadline is 13 June at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. In this competition, HHMI expects to appoint 50 new… Read More
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    Seeking a Physics Postdoc … or Not

    Workforce statistics can provide useful guidance to job seekers in any field, but they can get a little dull even for experienced number-crunchers. American Institute of Physics (AIP), which serves a group often considered tolerant of quantification, produces "Workforce Trends" flyers including colorful, easy-to-grasp charts, and its Spri… Read More
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    Feedback on “A Tunnel to Atlanta”

    This is a comment on the article titled "A Tunnel to Atlanta", written by Beryl Lieff Benderly (4 May 2007). The author talks about the importance of networking within ones own ethnic group and how that can help people in their scientific careers. While this may be true to an extent, it also leads to… Read More