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July 16, 2007

Internships Pay, and Pay Again

A survey of employer members of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) suggests that students who do internships often get job offers from those organizations after graduation. NACE announced the results of the survey last week. The 233 employers said they offered full-time jobs to nearly two-thirds of their interns, with nearly half of those accepting. The employers also reported that 3 of 10 new graduates hired from the class of 2006 had taken part in their internship programs.

Camille Luckenbaugh, NACE's research director, tells us by e-mail that almost all (98.3%) of the employers in the survey paid their interns. Those paid interns earned an average of about $16.00 an hour but, Luckenbaugh says, science-and technology interns earned a little more. Engineering interns average $17.12 per hour and undergraduate science majors averaged $15.61 per hour, while non-technical majors earned just $15.00 per hour.

NACE is an organization of university career counselors and industry human-resources specialists involved in college recruiting for their companies. So this survey may describe hiring practices of companies that regularly recruit college grads, and thus may not be typical of employers overall. Nonetheless, the results suggest that internships can enhance your post-graduate employment chances and defray a few expenses in the process.

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