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  • Continent-Hopping

    European science trainees who want to add an American dimension to their studies, and American students wanting to experience European culture, now have more in… Read More
  • Nothing to Fear but Software Itself

    The reasons for the falling numbers of women getting computer science degrees are a mystery to educators and computer industry planners, but according to a rece… Read More
  • Funding for Study in Asia

    The Freeman-Asia program, a joint undertaking of the Freeman Foundation and the Institute of International Education (IIE), offers grants to undergraduates for… Read More
  • The Perfect E-mail

    Two weeks ago, our colleague Babette Pain reported on a story in the French daily Le Monde about ways to better manage the increasing flow of e-mail. Today, Wir… Read More
  • Prayers for Dollars

    A rally this week in Bulgaria brought together religion and science, but not for the typical debate: A group of young scientists went to the Bulgarian parliamen… Read More
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