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Maths and Informatics Fellowships in Europe

The European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) is inviting Ph.D.-holders from all over the world to apply for their Alain Bensoussan fellowship program. The fellowships are addressed to scientists having gained their Ph.D. less than 4 years ago, or to final-year Ph.D. students graduating in time to start the fellowships by October 2008. The fellowships allow recipients to go and work at two of the 18 ERCIM institutes successively for a total duration of 18 months. The institutes offer a wide range of topics in informatics and maths, and applicants have to state which topics they’d be most interested in working on. The preferences of successful applicants are then matched with the needs of the various institutes.

Fellows will receive a monthly stipend and have their traveling expenses covered from their country to the institute (which needs to be outside their home country). The ERCIM doesn’t say how many grants will be available this year, but currently there are 18 Alain Bensoussan fellows.

To apply you need to send an online application before 30 September.

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  1. vedic says:

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  2. jou says:

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    this guy is doing a “from the bottom” construction of his physics graduation!
    starting on truly maths basics

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