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  • The Science Education Myth

    A new report from the Urban Institute, writes Vivek Wadhwa in Business Week, finds that our education system is doing a better job of science and technical trai… Read More
  • 2007 EMBO Young Investigator Awards

    The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) has announced the winners of this year’s Young Investigator Programme (YIP) awards. In total, 18 new EM… Read More
  • The Scientist Behind Your Shave

    We at Careers like to track down scientists who have unique jobs, but Sunday’s Observer Magazine has found one of its own: Kevin Powell, laboratory direct… Read More
  • Career Resources from SACNAS

    For you science-career wonks out there, there’s some good stuff in the latest SACNAS News (SACNAS stands for the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos a… Read More
  • ‘Rising Stars’ Reunite

    Despite the mixed metaphor–and its evocation of–cosmic collisions, a story in the 8 October Chemical and Engineering News makes for a pleasant and i… Read More
  • Gen-Y and Tech Careers, Redux

    We received the following response to our 25 October blog entry Gen-Y Is Tech-Savvy–But Not Interested in Tech Careers: As a member of Gen Y and someone w… Read More
  • Too Cool for School?

    Yes, it is possible to be too good at your job. This essay, written by Alison Wunderland (a pseudonym, obviously) and published in Inside Higher Ed, about a fac… Read More
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