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New Research Funding from U.S. Department of Agriculture

While not as large or well-known as some other
government research agencies, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) supports a
wide range of research in the life, physical, environmental, and social
sciences.  Last month, USDA released its comprehensive research solicitation for
fiscal year 2008, which started on 1 October. This extramural research program
is called the National Research Initiative (NRI) Competitive
Grants Program.

The NRI offers 44 different programs focusing
research topics that range from basic microbial genomics to translational
research involving animals and applied studies of food safety. Other programs
address key policy issues such as biosecurity and climate change as well
as business and economic matters related to agriculture. USDA anticipates spending
about $190 million through the NRI in FY 2008.

Each of the 44 programs has its own deadline date and
may require a preliminary letter of intent. Check the request for applications for details.

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