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November 15, 2007

For Those with a Musical Bent

If you have an ear for music or just feel good when you hear music playing, funds are available for research to serve both your scientific and musical tastes. The NAMM Foundation, the research arm of the music products industry -- a group that includes the stores you see in Nashville that sell those cool guitars -- offers grants for research that explores the impact of hands-on music making.

(NAMM looks like an acronym, but what does it stand for? It's a mystery. According to the NAMM Web site--which is deliberately coy on the question--it "stands for the global music products industry. NAMM stands for you.")

The group is interested in proposals from researchers in neuroscience, psychology, and education that delve into topics such as cognitive processes, skill development, and health effects, among others.  Target populations can range from the very young to the very old. The foundation gives preference to projects lasting less than a year.

More details are available from GrantsNet and the NAMM Foundation site (PDF). The deadline for applications is 4 January 2008.

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