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More on Work-Life Balance

This week’s package on work-life balance has generated some interesting feedback, and once you start talking about these issues, related items pop up all over the place.

We heard from Kathleen Wiant, co-founder of It’s a new job board that lists flextime jobs in professional fields. The site defines "flextime" rather broadly, and is a bit geographically limited at this point. (It’s now listing jobs nationwide, but it’s still biased toward its starting region, Ohio.) There aren’t too many science jobs, either, but again, it’s a relatively new site, and the flextime angle is certainly a novel idea in the usually-uniform world of job ad sites.

Just as we posted the articles on work-life balance, I got a press release about Jobshare U.K., a jobs site for flextime, part-time, and, you guessed it, jobshare positions in the U.K. The U.K. Resource Centre for Women (UKRC) has funded a science, engineering, and technology consultant for the site, so the organization is paying attention to science jobs. (Aside: The UKRC has an interesting fact sheet on your rights in flexible working.)

We also heard from a reader who suggested we address scientists with disabilities (in the context of the article on part-time scientists — some of the issues may apply to dealing with disabilities, too). We addressed some of the issues in a 2003 feature, "Able Scientists Overcoming Disabilities."  In 2004, we looked more broadly at dealing with health issues in the workplace, including chronic fatigue syndrome and whether you should disclose your health issues to your employer. Earlier this year, we ran an article on hearing-impaired scientists. Last month, the Business Office of AAAS (the publishers of Science and Science Careers) wrote about programs in schools and colleges to encourage people with disabilities to go into the sciences. All that said, there’s more we can cover. We’re always glad to hear suggestions from readers, and we’ll certainly look into how we can freshen up our content on this topic.

One comment on “More on Work-Life Balance”

  1. Rachel Sacks says:

    Hi Kate – It is getting harder and harder to balance work and play, and it does cause unnecessary stress. i always wonder how people manage.
    This article was also helpful because it offered some decent ideas on how to handle job stress.

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